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Bradwell 2016

Day Four - Bradwell Diary


The 7am wake up call was not welcomed quite so enthusiastically by the Bradwellian's on the last day of their residential.


Packing began in earnest before meeting for breakfast at 8am. 


All cases were taken down to the games room before the final challenge of the week - 'The Bradwell Olympics'.


The Shark, Swordfish, Barracuda and Stingray groups battled against each other to gain points in:

  • Welly Wanging
  • Water transportation
  • The Crate Challenge
  • Dress-up relay

The Sharks had to face some serious 'Goose Sabotage', as Steve (a Canadian goose) decided that he was desperately thirsty and proceeded to gulp down a large proportion of the water that they had transported!  Fortunately, Olivia stepped in to hold the bucket away from his reach!


Whilst the points were added up, the Bradwellians then enjoyed some team games on the Bradwell lawns.  As the sunshine beamed down, there were smiles on the faces of all of the pupils as they threw themselves whole-heartedly into the activities.


The results were announced and Mrs Finch's 'Team Shark' were victorious!  Team Shark also managed to catch the most crabs in the week's crabbing competition, with a total of 151.


The staff, instructors and pupils enjoyed a picnic lunch on the lawns.  This was followed by a prize giving ceremony, where 'best dorm', 'Quiz winners' and each team's 'Top Two' were announced.


The top two pupils were awarded for a variety of reasons, including:

  • resilience
  • teamwork
  • fearlessness
  • greatest improvement
  • kindness
  • effort
  • helpfulness
  • good humour
  • positive all-round attitude


The top two winners were:


Team Shark

Ysabelle Tye & Cameron Curtis

Team Swordfish

Ben Simons & Saskia Barkley


Team Barracuda

Heather Dick & Evie-Mai McIlveen-Taylor


Team Stingray

Max Mills & Keira Kidby


Well done to all of our brilliant Bradwellians, who made the job of picking a top two particularly difficult this year!  We are extremely proud of you all.


After the awards, there was just enough time to change into school uniforms and transport our luggage from the centre to the coach.  The instructor team came out to wave off the 2016 Bradwellian team and said how much they had enjoyed spending the last four days with our school. 


The coach journey home was a time for reflection on all of the wonderful memories that had been created this week.  We are already looking forward to next year's adventures!


Day Three - Bradwell Diary


A memory to treasure… Swiss chocolate ice-cream and the leap of faith.

Today’s challenge for me was… driving the boat.

Dear diary, today I went to West Mersea and we had to catch some crabs, altogether we got 82/83 and I caught 10 crabs. It was fun; I had chocolate Ice-Cream. We did the high-ropes, 10 meters high! I did the leap of faith and made it - it was nerve wracking, but I managed to do it.

 - Jamie (Year 6)

A memory to treasure…  doing the leap of faith.

Today’s challenge for me was… getting to the top of the high ropes.

Today we went on the high ropes and after a lot of persuasion, I decided to tackle them. At first, I was super scared and took things slow and after I had jumped off, I attempted the leap of faith… I caught the trapezium first time!

After lunch, we (team sharks) went biking and we stopped off at the old Roman Church, it was very interesting and after that we came home and had a shower.
Bradwell Olympics tomorrow!


 - Lily (Year 6)


Breakfast was bacon, egg and potato waffles and then the children headed off for the next set of adventurous activities. The Sharks started on the high ropes (it was very challenging), but everybody reached the top. Following the high-ropes the group climbed the totem pole and then had the opportunity to take the leap of faith – amazingly everybody made the jump! Swordfish went to Mersea to catch some crabs from the boat, and people bought souvenirs and sweets before heading home. Then, both groups had lunch together back at the centre.

Meanwhile, Stingrays and Barracudas went canoeing together; the day was a little cooler than yesterday, but children still had fun jumping into the river after the canoes had been down the weir!


It was brilliant to see so many children accepting the challenges that the day threw their way, including playing heads, shoulders, knees and toes standing in canoes.

We had pizza and pasta for dinner with ice-cream sundaes for dessert. After some free-time playing outside, we set off to the beach on a scavenger hunt… lots of fun was had searching for various objects in teams. It was getting close to bedtime so we rushed back and cleaned-up ready for our last night at Bradwell this year.

What a fantastic week!


Good night from the Bradwellians :)

Day Two - Bradwell Diary

A memory to treasure… canoeing.

Today’s challenge for me was… paddling.

Today my group went canoeing; it was really fun, but also extremely wet. In the boat, I was with Rosina and Lotti and we went down the weir together. It was sooo fun! Because of the weir and we got really muddy, so we sprinted to the showers to get washed! Today, was a great experience and I will now remember canoeing for a long time – hopefully! Lol. 
Yssie (Year 5)

A memory to treasure…  I was on my bike ride I fell over and it was really funny.

Today’s challenge for me was… when I caught my first crab.

Earlier today I went on a bike ride, which I really enjoyed, but the real highlight of the day was crabbing when I caught my first ever crab, which put I smile on my face. My luck had sadly run out as we sailed back I watched the waves crash against the boat as my journey ended for the day. I just can’t wait until tomorrow when I am doing canoeing, possibly. Also, on my crabbing trip I went to the shops, we went in two groups and I went in the group that went in after and I bought two rainbow belts and three packets of cherry sweets.

- Sophie (Year 5)


“I don’t know what this… but it isn’t an Oreo” – Max, during the biscuit tasting competition.

After we had a three course breakfast of cereals, toast and a cooked feast, the groups headed off to their activities. The Sharks and Swordfish went canoeing outside Little Baddow for the whole day, taking a packed lunch with them on their journey. Each canoe had to go down a weir before potentially being capsized! Everyone (including the staff) said that team building grew throughout the day and the groups’ resilience and effort was fantastic – lots of fun was had by all. Matt, one the instructors at Bradwell, wanted to make a special mention (along with Mrs. Finch and Mrs. Bloomfield) for Ben Simons in Year 6, who made self-less acts throughout the day in order to support others – especially remaining behind to help carry canoes without being asked to do so.  


The Barracudas headed off to Mersea for a spot of crabbing. Whilst on the boat, the children were able to drive and even sit on the very front as they rode through the waves! Crabbing took place on the boats as it was low tied and then the group headed into the local shop for a much needed ice-cream to enjoy in the blazing sun. The Stingrays enjoyed their all-terrain six mile bike ride up to St. Peter’s on-the-wall chapel and beyond, which was fairly eventful and showed the perseverance of their team. Then after munching away on their refreshing packed-lunches, The Stingrays and the Barracudas swapped activities for the afternoon. We were all very fortunate with the weather today, and lots of sun cream was applied as a result.


Dinner tonight consisted of Ham, Egg, Chips and peas followed by fruit salad. The children participated in a quiz this evening, which included a final round of biscuit tasting and hot chocolate drinking outside, before bed time.


Good night from the Bradwellians! :)


Day One: Bradwell Diary

A memory to treasure… seeing a seal.

Today’s challenge for me was… holding a crab.

Today: Rosina, Izzy, Rebecca, Lily, Jayden, Cameron, Ben. A, Lotti, Phoebe, Ruby-Jane and I went crabbing. It was an amazing experience as I got set a challenge of holding a crab and I did it. After that, we spotted a seal in the water, it kept coming up close and tugging at our lines, eating the bacon. We caught 151 crabs altogether. It was a very fun day!
Olivia (Year 6)


A memory to treasure… getting to the top of the high ropes and the top of the totem pole.

Today’s challenge for me was… the high ropes.

Today at Bradwell, I did the high ropes. Before I started my heart boomed. While I was climbing the high ropes, I trembled at every step I made, however, I made it. After that, I jumped off saying “Geronimo”.

The next task I completed was climbing the totem pole.

- Aidan (Year 6)

After a ploughman’s lunch, the four groups separated to begin their different outdoor activities: group one went crabbing on Mersea; group two went cycling around Bradwell-on-sea; group three and four tackled the high ropes and totem pole.

The sun was shining and everyone was smothered in sun cream as the activities began, the crabbing party boarded their boat to Mersea with excitement. The Sharks managed to catch 151 crabs during the afternoon; many of the children also spotted a seal swimming close to the pontoon.

Swordfish rode across a variety of terrain to visit one of the oldest churches in Britain and visit the remaining four aeroplane hangars from the war. The children also popped into a local shop, before Izzy got a puncture!

The Barracudas and Stingray’s enthusiastically undertook the high ropes – Heather completed the course in just over a minute, coming close to the Bradwell all-time record of 43 seconds. The children listened well to instructors and were an effective team players, even when Mrs. Ryan and Luke had to share the top beam.

After a well-deserved dinner of spaghetti bolognaise and chocolate pudding with custard, the children completed their chores and had hot chocolate, then settled well for their first night.

Goodnight from the Bradwellians :)

Picture 1

Tuesday 7th June 2016.  11:55 a.m. 

Everyone has arrived safely and the laughter is echoing around the centre, as the children and staff try on their waterproofs for the water sports.  Beds are made and the Bradwellians are looking forward to their first activities.  Today Group 1 are crabbing, group 2 off on an all-terrain cycling adventure and Groups 3 &4 will be tackling the high ropes.