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Bradwell 2017

Bradwell 2017: Day One


"Today, I went Power Kiting at St. Peter's Church. I am in Henry and Lewys' group, we got here at 10:03. I am in  the same room as Henry, Freddie and Samuel's. After that, I made my bed (which took forever) and then we had lunch at 12:00pm. When I was kite flying, I nearly took off. Today, some person broke a tennis racket so we can't go in the game room. Today I have washed!" - Finlay Travers- Smith (Year 6)


"Dear diary today I went Power Kite flying. The people I worked with are: Evie-May and Sophie and they are both in year six. It was really really fun.

I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow?

I hope it will be even more fun." - Gracie Stunt (Year 5)



We all arrived just after 10am and followed the Bradwell Centre staff into the briefing room to learn about the safety procedures. The children efficiently made their beds and got ready for lunch. After applying some sun cream, all groups enjoyed various activities during the afternoon, including: Power Kiting; Archery; Crabbing and biking.


The children had some free time to play in the games room and out on the green, before we were served spaghetti bolognaise followed by chocolate cake and chocolate sauce for our dinner. This evening, we went on a long walk around the sea wall altogether - in record time. The children freshened up, got ready for bed and had the option of a cup of hot chocolate.


Everyone is now in bed and embracing a well-earned rest; here's to tomorrow!



Bradwell 2017: Day 2

"Today, we woke up early and went to breakfast - we had sausage and beans. When we were ready, my group (the Sharks) walked outside to do archery. Our instructors were Ben, Jess and Harriet. I won at the Robin Hood game. After lunch, our group set off to do high ropes with Will. I felt very confident but it was scary when I was walking on the wire! Next, we had a competition to see who could get up the fastest (Millie won). Sadly, I couldn't make it to the end. Once the activities were over, we went to our rooms. That's all we did today. :)" - Ashleigh Torry (Year 5)


"Today has been extraordinarily pleasant and unfortunate. First, we had a scrumptious breakfast (which was hash browns, sausages and beans, though I denied the beans) and then prepared for our first activity - crabbing.

Whilst we were on the way to Mersea and back - which is where we sailed to go crabbing - we got to steer the boat. Altogether, we caught 350+ crabs! We were exceptionally proud of our score since last years highest score was 151; we over doubled last years score." - Taro Chandiwana (Year 6)

Editors thoughts...So why was it "unfortunate"?


"After lunch, we went sailing and I went in a boat with Taro. Me and Taro brought bad luck with us by capsizing and the boat swimming away being crashed into by Keira and Sam and crashing into Liam and Miss O'Dell. But today was fun." - Fleur Campion (Year 5)


"Everyone is at work and we are here having fun!" - Lillie Foley (Year 5)


Teachers Top Triumphs (so far):

- Amelia Pearce really impressed Mr Orrin, when she faced her fear of water and boats by deciding to join the instructor in the rib for the duration of the activity;
- Grace Stunt really impressed Mrs Matthews, when she persevered with the power kites yesterday afternoon, "Miss I can do it by myself now... I had it up there for two and half minutes...I'm really happy you showed me how to do it";

- Liam Killick really impressed Miss O'Dell with his persistence, resilience and effort during Pico sailing today. For example, he noticed a motorised boat heading towards their pico and remained calm, whilst waving to successfully catch the drivers attention.

- Miss Fairbairn (and we all concur) has to mention that all of the boys have done remarkably well with tidying their dorm rooms, being punctual and settling tonight for bedtime - well done boys!


The girls have been hot on the boys' heels with a fantastic effort: they really have made their dorms much tidier today. Dinner tonight was ham, egg and chips followed by fruit salad. The children - despite being very worn out from a full day of activity - took part in a quiz this evening; they worked efficiently in their teams and amazed us all with their logo knowledge. Mrs Matthews and Mr Orrin made hot chocolate for those that wanted it, before the children swiftly retreated to their beds.


We are very much looking forward to a good night's sleep and another day of Bradwell adventuring.






Bradwell 2017: Day 3


"I woke up this morning feeling right and ready for my first activity. Today, my first activity was archery, which was great but tiring, I hit the bullseye!

After archery, we ate lunch in the shade; it was very sunny. During lunch, Mrs. Matthews told us that we were going biking for our next activity. Immediately, I remembered the memories of last years bike ride. When we arrived at our riding destination, Finlay, Henry, Evie and I had a race. Luckily, I just about beat Finlay in time to be the winner!

I am sad to say my stay at Bradwell is nearly over. However, I am looking forward to telling my family about how much fun I have had here." - Yssie Tye (Year 6)


"Today in the morning I did power kiting, it was alright I needed to wait until last (2 hours) I got bored very quickly, but we did do rounders, that was fun.

After that; all of us had lunch I accidently picked up the wrong roll, but I still had other stuff; like salad. That was my lunch.

In the afternoon I went biking: it was really fun. I did not fall of my bike, I was proud of myself. Me and my group got to see a battlefield and a chapel, it was so cool, I wish I could go back there again. Then we went home.

I can't wait until tomorrow because I am doing the highropes, it's going to be so much fun. Today is my last diary so I'm not going to do another, I wish I could do another one, but I can't. And that is all I got to say." - Max Mills (Year 6)

The children awoke from their slumber and were offered a hearty breakfast, before heading out to their morning activities. Children were eager to participate and make the most of their final full day at Bradwell Outdoors Centre. We ate lunch on the lawn under a canopy and the children enjoyed some free-time, followed by the afternoon's activities. We decided to play some team games on the lawn after dinner, which led to lots of giggles and laughter. The children began packing and got ready for bed in good time, so they were treated to hot chocolate and biscuits before bedtime.

"You are such a lovely group of children" - local shopkeeper

The children have represented St. Andrew's, their families and themselves throughout their stay with great pride - we are extremely proud. Tomorrow morning, we shall all take part in our final activity and then have lunch, before boarding the coach back to school.