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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Executive Headteacher         Lorraine Ratcliffe

Head of School / SENCo       Lisa Finch 

SENCo Assistant                   Teresa Cole

PPGCo                                  Anne Bray


Class Teachers                      Nicola Travers (Early Years)

                                               June Mugliston (Year 1)

                                               Edward Rudge (Year 2)                                                                                     

                                               Gwen  South (Year 3)

                                               Amy Vincent (Year 4)

                                               Aarron Cornell (Year 5)

                                               Maria Gray (Year 6)

                                               Max Orrin (UQT)

                                               Rachel Townsend (UQT - EYFS)


Finance Manager                     Debbie McManus

Finance Assistant                     Lisa Webb

Finance Assistant                     Sue Reynolds


Office                                        Nicola O'Dell

                                                 Andrea Cossens



HLTA                                        Chantelle Hawkins

                                                 Debbie Shellum



Teaching Assistants                 Mandy Matthews                                            

                                                 Sam Rose                                            

                                                 Katie Homewood

                                                 Caroline Sanders

                                                 Caroline Weaver

                                                 Chris Russell

                                                 Maxine Barclay

                                                 Hannah Speck

                                                 Tracy Warriner


Governors                                Dan Woodcock (Chair)

                                                 Chris Townsend

                                                 Claire Holdaway

                                                 Jean-Marc Bazzoni

                                                 Sheila Parton

                                                 Helen Hamer

                                                 Lorraine Ratcliffe (EHT)                                                                               

                                                 Rev'd Jeremy Dowding

Clerk                                         Mary Fletcher


Caretaker                               Malcolm Caley


Catering                                 Margaret Finney

                                               Hilary Green

                                               Colleen Kidby


MDA s                                     Ann Barnes

                                                Maxine Barclay

                                                Honey Letaief

                                                Kelly Watling

                                                Sarah Filtness

                                                Samantha Dove