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Year 2

Spellings for test on 23rd February 2018


Group 1


off, asked, saw, make an


Group 2

skiing, taxiing, having, making, using, loving, changing, cycling, hiking, scoring

Spellings for test on 9th February 2018


Group 1

if, help, Mrs, called, here


Group 2

happiest, heaviest, laziest, dying, tying, lying, buying, enjoying, crying, copying


Spellings for test on 2nd February


Group 1

by, day. made, time, I'm


Group 2


married, replied, tried, studied, hurried, carrier, copier, happier, angrier, busier

Spellings for spelling test on 26th January 2018


Group 1


put, could, house, old, too


Group 2


carries, copies, cries, flies, marries, replies, tries, carried, copied, cried

Spelling test for 19th January 2018


Group 1

about, got, their, people, your


Group 2

cry, dry, fly, try, reply, July, babies, families, hobbies, lorries

Spellings for spelling test on 12th January


group 1


get, just, now, came, oh


group 2


evil, pupil, until, Brazil, fossil, pencil, lentil, gerbil, nostril, stencil

Spellings for first week back


group 1

back, from, children, him, Mr


group 2

oval, loyal, medal, regal, total, arrival, factual, general, normal, virtual

Spellings for spelling test on the 15th December

These will be the final spellings before the Christmas break.


group 1

look, don't, come, will, into


group 2

bagel, camel, cruel, hazel, jewel, label, panel, tinsel, travel, vowel

Spellings for test on 8th December 2017


Group 1

when, it's, see, looked, very


Group 2

war, ward, warm, warn, want, squad, squash, quality, quarrel, quarter 

Spellings for spelling test on 1st December


Group 1

do, me, down, dad, big


Group 2

when, that, because, while, however, also, beside, despite, after, although

Spellings for 24th November 2017


Group 1

as, no, one, then, mum, 

Group 2

able, ankle, apple, castle, bottle, dazzle, middle, poodle, table, wobble

Spellings for the 17th November 


Group 1

not, then, were, go, little


Group 2

gnat, gnaw, knee, knock, know, knight, wrap, write, written, wrong

Spellings for spelling test on Friday 10th November


Group 1

went, be, like, so, some


Group 2

cycle, bicycle, cyclist, cyclone, icy, juicy, lacy, spicy, fancy, mercy

Spellings for test on 3rd November


group 1

what, there, out, this, have

group 2

pace, space, since, silence, circus, city, exercise, icicle, pencil, scissors


Homework Activities - these can be done any week any time - little and often is key!

Daily reading, daily times table practise of 2, 5 and 10 times tables and related division facts (if I know 2 x 5 = 10 then 10 divided by 2 is 5.), number bonds to 10 and 20, handwriting practise using cursive style (use high frequency words), write about your weekend using capital letters, full stops, adjectives, punctuation etc.

Spellings for spelling test on 20th October


Group 1


are, up, had, my, her


Group 2


juice, adjust, jukebox, jungle, injury, ace, face, ice, slice, voice

Spellings for Spelling test on 13th October


Group 1

that, with, all, we, can


Group 2

job, jog, joy, join, joke, banjo, major, jug, junk, jump

Spellings for spelling test on 6th October


Group 1

is, for, at, his, but


Group 2

Egypt, energy, gymnast, jab, jam, jaw, jail, jacket, jaguar, pyjamas


Moonstone Class Welcome Letter

Outdoor Learning - At one with nature

Outdoor Learning - At one with nature 1
Outdoor Learning - At one with nature 2
Outdoor Learning - At one with nature 3
Outdoor Learning - At one with nature 4
Outdoor Learning - At one with nature 5
Outdoor Learning - At one with nature 6

Spelling for spelling test on 29th September.


Group 1

was, you, they, on, she

Group 2

smudge, wedge, gel, gem, gent, giant, magic, tragic, imagine, giraffe

Homework for hand in on Wednesday 27th September

This afternoon Moonstone Class took their learning outside. Firstly, as a class we spoke about the rules of working outside. After this we then went on a scavenger hunt looking for different things such as hard, soft, slimy and sticky objects. The children had so much fun working together, the learning went in so many different directions it was amazing to observe all the children getting involved.


The pictures speak for themselves as to the amount of fun and engagement all the children had this afternoon. Here is to more outdoor learning to come.


Thank you so much parents for getting your child all in one waterproofs, rain suits and wellington boots. It has allowed the children to really get involved and get muddy and wet without any worry at all.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning 1
Outdoor Learning 2
Outdoor Learning 3
Outdoor Learning 4

Next week Moonstone Class will start to take their learning outside. Your child will be receiving this letter today. I am looking to take the children outside regularly for a range of different subjects.


Thank you parents for your support and cooperation in getting the most appropriate waterproof clothing for your child for outdoor learning. If this clothing can be kept in school throughout the coming weeks then we can continue to make the most of the outdoors regardless of the weather. I can't wait to take Moonstone Class outside next week and throughout this term! It's going to be wet and muddy but a lot of fun!

Homework and Spellings - Homework to be handed in by 20th September and Spellings for test on Friday 22nd September


Group 1 - in, he, I, of, it


Group 2 - badge, bridge, edge, fridge, fudge, hedge, judge, lodge, porridge, ridge


If you would like additional activities to support your child please let me know. Other suitable activities to do with your child include reading daily with your child, practising multiplication tables (2,3,5 and 10 times tables), getting your child involved in real life maths e.g. shopping, recognising the time at different times of the day etc. There is also a brilliant document at the bottom of this blog for more in depth maths challenges.

Problem solving and teamwork in Maths

Problem solving and teamwork in Maths 1
Problem solving and teamwork in Maths 2
Problem solving and teamwork in Maths 3
Problem solving and teamwork in Maths 4
Problem solving and teamwork in Maths 5
Problem solving and teamwork in Maths 6
Problem solving and teamwork in Maths 7
Problem solving and teamwork in Maths 8
Problem solving and teamwork in Maths 9
Today Moonstone Class worked together to solve number and place value problems. At first they had 2 cubes and had to create as many 2 digit numbers using just these e.g. 20,2,11. The children then had the opportunity to explore patterns using 3,4 and 5 cubes. The activity produced great collaboration, team work and knowledge sharing as to how place value works involving tens and ones. Well done Moonstone Class on another special day of learning.

Literacy and PE

Moonstone Class had an exciting day today. They created their own story map in English and used this to create their own Quork Attack story. In PE the children started their learning on gymnastics. The children worked on controlling their body and creating a sequence of balances for a performance at the end of the lesson.

It has been lovely to see how quickly all the children in Moonstone Class have settled in their first full week in year 2. We have already achieved so much and we have so much more fun and learning to come.


This week in Maths the children have been working extremely hard on their number and place value. In Literacy we have been reading a story called Quork Attack and at the end of the week the children are going to create their own ending to the story. The children have started their healthy eating topic which links with both Science and Topic lessons. The first PE lesson started with children working together in teams, involving moving in different ways as well as beginning to work on passing a ball in different ways. Finally Moonstone Class have been working really hard on their handwriting and joining their letters correctly.


It has been a pleasure to teach Moonstone Class this week. All the children have been very helpful, kind and mature during my first full week at the school. I hope these pictures provide great discussion with your child at home.

First full Week in Moonstone Class

First full Week in Moonstone Class 1
First full Week in Moonstone Class 2
First full Week in Moonstone Class 3
First full Week in Moonstone Class 4
First full Week in Moonstone Class 5
First full Week in Moonstone Class 6
First full Week in Moonstone Class 7
First full Week in Moonstone Class 8
First full Week in Moonstone Class 9
First full Week in Moonstone Class 10
First full Week in Moonstone Class 11
First full Week in Moonstone Class 12
First full Week in Moonstone Class 13

Welcome to Year 2's Class Page


Here are the spellings for this week.


Group 1

the, and, a, so, said


Group 2

cage, sage, wage, huge, collage, carriage, plunge, stage, village, voyage



For homework this week, I have asked the children to complete a food diary over the next few days as we will be looking at the topic Healthy Eating in Science.


How you can help your child with their learning

  • daily spelling practise
  • daily reading
  • practising 2,5 and 10 times tables


Teamwork and having fun!

Teamwork and having fun! 1
Teamwork and having fun! 2
Teamwork and having fun! 3
Teamwork and having fun! 4

This afternoon some children in Moonstone Class showed great teamwork. The children worked on taking ownership of the classroom creating the heading for a display.



Maths Problem Solving Activities

Science homework sheet