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Year 3

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We have lots planned for the year. Keep checking this page for updates and information.


Homework - Week beginning Monday 18th September

past, father, class, grass, pass, plant, path, bath, busy, move, prove, improve 


Times Tables: skip counting in 8s to 80



Visit this website:


Which of these ten facts do you find most interesting, weird or surprising?

Homework - Week beginning Monday 11th September

most, only, both, old, cold, gold, hold, told, clothes, every, everybody, hour


Times Tables:

Skip-counting in 4s to 80



Find out what you can about Egypt. Try and answer these questions:

1. Where is Egypt?
2. What is its main river called?
3. What is the climate like in Egypt?
4. What is the landscape like?
5. Which animals might you find in Egypt?


This website might help you: