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"We're in it together; winners forever!"

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2016/17 Year 6 - Summer Homework Project 2016


The final week of Year 6...

We have five days left of the academic year and lots to do and celebrate.
Just to confirm, you are invited to attend the Year 6 Leavers' Assembly on Friday at 2pm in the main hall. We also have the Year 6 Vs. Parents Rounders' Match on Thursday from 1pm on the school field and JumpStreet today from 3:30pm.


If you would like to discuss your child's report, please see me in Amethyst classroom after school Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday.

Miss O'Dell :)

Transition Days


Hello, it is already time for children to visit their secondary school! This coming week there are two transition days to TTC on 5th and 6th July. I just wanted to remind you that your child will need to be dropped-off at TTC for 8:50am and collected at 3:10pm. Hopefully, you have received the welcome pack direct from TTC with all of the logistical details. If you have any queries please contact the Year 7 team at TTC directly, alternatively I will try my best to help.  


For those children who are not going to TTC in September, we will see you in school as normal on 5th and 6th July. I am aware there is also a transition day for the Girls' Grammar school on 8th July.


Many thanks,


Miss O'Dell



This week, there are 15 children taking part in Bikeability. Children are divided into two groups and each group will complete 4 sessions lasting 2 hours each. Please check the most recent letter in the subpage 'letters' for details of what your child needs - I will send paper copies home on Monday. I have told all children  signed-up to take part to bring their bikes on Monday and have it checked by the instructor.


Best wishes,


Miss O'Dell






The Final Half-Term


This half-term, Amethyst Class are having a P.E. lesson with Colchester United coaches each Wednesday afternoon straight after lunch. Their other P.E. lesson will take place (as usual ) on Tuesday mornings.


We will also be focusing on:

  • The end of year production - Ye! Ha! which will be performed on 14th July;
  • Sports Day on the 8th July;
  • Sexual health and relationship education from w/c 27th June;
  • Flour Baby experiment for Science and PSHE w/c 20th June;
  • Level 2 Bikeability training w/c 27th June;
  • Producing 3D scale model designs for the Antarctica maths project w/c 20th June;
  • Submitting all writing for summative assessment by 20th June;
  • Beginning the secondary school transition process from 20th June;


There are letters already in the 'Letters' subpage folder relating to the list above. Please do not hesitate to come into class, email or phone the school should you wish with speak to me.


Miss O'Dell



Miss O'Dell

Bradwell 2016


Well done to all of Year 6 who participated in the residential trip to Bradwell this week, it was a fabulous adventure!

I hate to bring us crashing back down to reality, but...

On Monday:

- Homework is due for all children (it is on the class webpage if you have misplaced your sheet) and needs to be submitted in class first thing;

- Science SAT is taking place for four pre-selected children in the morning;

- Poetry recital will take place after lunch in class and all children are expected to participate;

- I have four permission request letters for selected Year 6 children to take part in the Rounders tournament on Tuesday, these need to be filled out and brought back into school by Tuesday morning - children will be given them on Monday morning;

- May Pole dance rehearsals continue after school - see Mrs. Grant.

Next week's Big Write focus will be writing a recount of Bradwell; those that were not there will be given a different focus relating to their location during the week.

Thank you to all parents and carers for your wonderful support - it has been such a success!

Miss O'Dell

Classroom Rules

I thought our class would appreciate this video, especially with so much teamwork needed this coming half-term.

Half-Term Homework


Firstly, I wish you all a relaxing half-term break; some of the children have told me about their exciting plans with family and I hope you all have a happy and healthy time together - whatever you have planned.


I have set homework today - sheets are available on the 'Homework Sheets' subpage of our class webpage. Hopefully, children won't find this too overwhelming, please email me if you do have any questions or concerns. As most of the class go straight off to Bradwell on Tuesday 7th June (first school day after half-term break), I have changed the deadline for homework submission to Monday 13th June.


The homework tasks are based on what we are doing during the final half-term of this academic year:


We will be moving onto the next phase of our Antarchitect Maths project and children will attempt to build scale models of their scale drawing designs. Therefore, it is important that they use half-term to finalise their design and write their final written report. Children have taken home their plastic pocket containing their worksheets for the project - these must come back to school on the homework deadline.


As you may have already noted, our class heats for the Poetry Recital competition will take place on the afternoon (from 1:20pm) of Monday 13th June and parents/carers are most welcome to join us in Amethyst to listen to the children recite a poem of their choice. Following the class heats, two children will be selected for the final competition.


Furthermore, the children need to be practising their lines for the end of year production (as well as learning the lyrics of the songs) and they all have their copy of the play script to use and take care of until we return from Bradwell to continue rehearsals. If any parent/carer is able to make costumes, build sets, provide props or generally help out, please let me know.


Warmest wishes,


Miss O'Dell :)

Thank you for my gifts; I am very grateful.

Thank you for my gifts; I am very grateful.  1 Thank you for my gifts, I am very grateful :)

Standard Assessment Tests 2016


We have arrived; it's finally SATs week!

The children have completed the first of six tests to be taken across this week between Monday and Thursday. There are no tests on Friday 13th May 2016. Year 6 have made a positive start to the testing process and we are proud of each of them for their excellent learning behaviour and growth mind-set.

Please help your child to do the best they can this week by:

- encouraging an early night (at least 8/9 hours sleep is recommended);

- providing nutritional foods and drinks to sustain energy levels;

- enabling them to relax, as well as revise.


Children in Year 6 are taking part in P.E everyday this week after each test they sit, please ensure that correct kit is provided in school.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via the school office, the classroom or email.


Kind regards,


Miss O'Dell





SATs Timetable May 2016

SATs Timetable May 2016 1

Booster Club and Class Dojo 


I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend, please note that there will only be Maths booster club on Monday this week due to a staff moderation meeting taking place offsite on Tuesday after school.


Hopefully, your child has mentioned the introduction of a new reward system in school this week: Class Dojo. This online service enables me to award points for a variety of reasons throughout the school day. Moreover, your child can personalise their avatar and you can receive updates on your child's progress, view the class story webpage, as well as leave comments and messages for me. I will be sending letters home with children after school on Monday, so that you have the ability to connect to your child's specific account should you want to. In the meantime:

1. Download the ClassDojo app from the Apple App Store

or Google Play

2. Click the green Create a new account button, then select


3. Enter your parent account code (on the letter from school), then create your


No app? No problem! You can sign up at www.classdojo.com/parent too!


Kind regards,


Miss O'Dell


20 school days left until SATs begin...


I realise that there is more to life than tests and I do hope your child has had a relaxing Easter break so far. Having said that, the summer term (and SATs especially) will be one of the most important, impactful and potentially stressful elements of your child's transition to secondary education - my aim is to empower them to feel prepared and secure.

Therefore, I want to reinforce your understanding (as well as your child's) of the imminent assessment process.  There have been many changes to the process and I want you to know what to expect. Please take a look at this government link aimed at parents/carers, particularly if you are unsure about any aspect of the Year 6 Standard Assessment Tests:


I have also saved a copy of the PDF in the sub-page 'useful resources' above.



Here are other links you made find informative:


1. A video and slides outlining the key changes to tests and assessments for 2016: https://registration.livegroup.co.uk/efa/ContentTabs/Embed.aspx?dfid=15057


2. A video and slides introducing the interim frameworks (success criteria) for the end of key stage 1 and 2 assessments in 2016:



3. 2016 sample test materials for key stages 1 and 2 are available already, along with detailed test frameworks for each subject, to help prepare for the tests:



The first of two SATs revision sessions ran today in school, there was a strong turn out - over half of the class - and I am hopeful the second session (next Wednesday) will also be well attended. I am very proud of the children and their dedication to their learning and development.


Please do not hesitate to contact me to request a structured conversation regarding your child's progress or any other relevant matter.


Kind regards,


Miss O'Dell

Six school weeks to go...

It was lovely to see so many of you last week at parent/teacher consultations. I must say I am really impressed with Amethyst class for their continued commitment to learning, despite a spate of illness; our class attendance dropped to 90% last week! It important that your child is in school on time and ready to learn, especially over the next two months. If you must keep your child out of school for any reason please contact the school office and if possible, let me know in advance.


We are now just six school weeks away from SATs week in May. I will be sending a letter home regarding two revision days that I will be running during the Easter break for your child to attend. I am aware that this can be a very stressful time for Year 6 children, this is why I will be focusing on preparation, managing stress and confidence building, as well as increasing knowledge and skills.


Should you wish to discus any aspect of your child's education or development, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me - either via the school office or directly in class.


Warmest wishes,


Miss O'Dell




Spring 2 Timetable

Spring 2 Timetable 1
Spring 2 Timetable 2

Topic Presentations and Homework


It is almost the end of this half-term, and we have been so busy in Year 6 that a well earned rest is in order. Saying that, there will of course be a homework task for children to complete next week. Therefore, please look out for that on the 'Homework Sheets' subpage: the task will focus on children producing their own revision booklet for English and Maths, this will help them develop revision techniques to suit their learning styles as well as prepare them for their SATs in May.  We will then build on this during lessons and Booster Club sessions.


This afternoon (Wednesday 10th February), Year 6 will be holding presentations in our classroom for their Topic case studies on either Madagascar or The Galapagos Islands. I hope that your child has informed you that you are very welcome to attend and be part of our audience from 1:30pm today. I understand that many of you would really like to attend, but are unable to. I was planning to film the presentations, however the class camera has decided to stop working! Therefore, I will upload the presentations to a subpage on our class page for you to see.  The children have worked really hard to produce PowerPoint presentations, they have been applying new skills such as adding links to websites. The focus for our Topic lessons will remain the same after the half-term break; we will then propose an answer to the question, "Why do some creatures no longer exist?".


I wish you all a happy and healthy half-term break, please do contact me if you wish to discuss any matter concerning your child.


Miss O'Dell

P.E - Contemporary Freestyle Dance

Still image for this video

P.E - Contemporary Freestyle Dance

Still image for this video
TRAVEL, TURN, JUMP, USE DIFFERENT LEVELS, show GESTURE and BALANCE to build a routine = 6 principles of dance.
Video 1 = Willow, Lily, Aidan and Jayden. Video 2 = Curtis, Izzy, Rebecca and Olivia.
Children are performing their contemporary freestyle dance routine for the class to observe. The children have been choreographing sections of a dance to Adele's track 'water under the bridge' by building on their gymnastic techniques from last term. We aim to combine all of the groups' into one dance performance for a Friday celebration assembly later this term.

Science: Evolution (Darwin's Finches - The Beak Experiment)

Happy New Year

As we approach the end of the first week back at school,  I am pleased to say that Year 6 have dived into their new topic unit with great enthuasiam and focus. We are now exploring the question, 'Why do some creatures no longer exist?' through our topic, science and English lessons. As part of their ongoing homework, children are being asked to produce a 'Biography in a Bag' for Charles Darwin. For this activity, children should collect or make items that represent Darwin's life and work and prepare to present their bag to the class at the end of this unit.


As you are probably aware, there is now only 15 weeks until your child sits their Standard Assessment Tests in Engish and Maths. Therefore, I have organised 'booster' club sessions on Mondays and Tuesdays after school, please see a copy of the letter in the 'Letters' sub-page for Spring Term 1. I will soon be posting a copy of the term ahead letter in this sub-page as well.


Please see an update of our class timetable below this post.


If you wish to discuss any aspect of your child's education or welfare with me or the staff team, please make contact directly or through the school office.


Kind regards,


Miss O'Dell


Spring Term Timetable

Spring Term Timetable 1
Spring Term Timetable 2

Christmas is coming!

We are almost at the end of the Autumn term; your children are now well and truly settled into life in Year Six. I was incredibly proud of all the children who took part in the carol service on Thursday 10th December at St. Andrew's Church, well done!


Next week, as well as lesson time, Amethyst Class will watch the KS1 nativity play and go on the whole school trip to see the Aladdin pantomine courtesy of the PTFA. We will also have our own class celebration on Friday afternoon with a Christmas film and snacks, should you wish to provide any food or drink for this please do so.


Well done to all of the children who have achieved various awards and recognition for clubs and teams outside of school, we do celebrate those we know about in class.



Yours faithfully,


Miss O'Dell





This week Amethyst class have worked really hard on their assessments, I am very proud of their effort as we approach the end of a very long first time in Year 6.The children will be given their marks/levels during the last week of term.



In order to celebrate our achievements, we have organised for Tesco to deliver a Farm to Folk session at St. Andrew's on Monday afternoon; Year 5 and 6 classes will be learning the history of ginger and baking gingerbread cookies. 



Yours faithfully,


Miss O'Dell

R.E. Action Afternoon



On Tuesday 1st December we will be holding R.E. action afternoon in school and the theme will be candles. This will enable all children to work with different children across the school. In Amethyst, all the children who join me will be making candle collages. We will take an A4 drawing of an outline of a candle and create a collage for our church display. Children can weave different coloured paper, stick on sequins, glitter, use pens, pencils and their imaginations.


I have asked children in Year Six to donate any child friendly magazines they may no longer need or want, this will helpful for the collages and future art and design lessons.


Wishing you all a warm weekend,


Miss O'Dell



Class Trips




After a successful class trip on Tuesday to attend Tendring Crucial Crew 2015 workshops, Amethyst class have another trip to Royal Hosptial School this coming Monday to partake in the 'Sing up Suffolk' event. If you are able to come along in the afternoon and watch the children's final performance it would be great to see you there.


I will aim to get photos of the day uploaded onto this page asap.


Yours faithfully,


Miss O'Dell

Parents and Carers - Consultations



It was wonderful to see Amethyst classroom so busy with parents, carers and children on Wednesday afternoon. I hope you enjoyed looking at your child's work, both in their books and on the display boards.


For those of you that have requested appointments with me on the parent-teacher consultation evenings next week, you should have received a confirmation slip via your child after school today.


Please get in touch if you need to cancel, change or request an appointment.


Yours faithfully,


Miss O'Dell

Autumn Term 2

Hello parents and carers,

Here in Year 6, we have had a very productive start to the second half of the autumn term. The highlight of the week will vary depending on who you ask in Amethyst class, but I do think that it is safe to say Wednesday afternoon was a big deal this week. On Wednesday 4th November, every child in Year 6 took part in a Dragon's Den style presentation, whereby they had to pitch an idea for a smartphone app as part of their computing lessons. Most of the children were nervous as parents joined us to become a panel of 'dragons' and quiz the children on their designs, research and team work. It was a huge success, if I do say so myself. I was immensely proud of all the children, every group participated fully and demonstrated a noticeable professionalism (and competitiveness) with one another. Well done Year 6 and thank you again to the 'dragons'. I was so caught up in the event that I forgot to take photos! I am looking forward to the next stage of the app design process.

This half-term, our topic focus is history and we are asking the question, "Has there ever been a better time to live here?" As part of the unit, the children will be asking you and your loved ones questions about our local area and your family history. Please only share what you feel comfortable with, but if you do have any interesting ancestry, artefacts or stories you wish to contribute to our topic lessons please do get in touch.

In Maths, we are looking at solving calculation problems and consolidating our understanding of the four main operations. In English, we have just begun studying Macbeth using the Royal Shakespeare Company resources, which seems to have really engaged the children. We are studying light in Science this half-term, and I have asked the children to bring in a torch to help with our experiments if possible. As many of you are already aware, we are going to be designing and producing electronic games/toys in Design Technology over the coming weeks, ready for Christmas. If you are able to contribute £1 towards the cost of circuit parts, that would be greatly appreciated and of course your child can then take the end product home! We are exploring Saints in R.E before we research and discuss the Christmas story. I am hoping that we will be able to partake in the Christmas Shoebox appeal in Year 6 this year and any advice/support with this is very welcome.

I have had to move our afternoon P.E. lessons to Thursdays instead of Fridays so that our children can benefit from Colchester United running football training sessions with them. We will continue gymnastics on Tuesday mornings as part of our indoor P.E lessons, although there will be an element of dance as well. This will be my first experience of the Christmas carol service at the church and I am thrilled that Year 6 are singing in a choir with Year 5, we will use our music lessons to rehearse this performance and develop our singing abilities.

I will be uploading photos onto our class page next week!

Please continue to keep in contact,

Miss O'Dell

We need parent helpers in Year 6!


Are you looking for an opportunity to be a parent helper? There are many ways to get involved in your child's school community experiences, from daily reading in the classroom, to trips and school events.


For example, the PTFA are running our annual fireworks night event on Friday 6th November, would you be interested and willing to help on the day?


If you can spare an hour in the morning after you drop your child off, please can you support the PTFA on the top field setting up. You will need to wear wellies or walking boots and a thick jumper!


If you would like to offer more of your time then we need at least 4 helpers from each class during the event, which runs from 4:00pm until 9:00pm.


I will be there helping too! :)


Please come and speak to me after school, or email me, if you wish you to be involved as a parent helper.


Warm wishes,


Miss O'Dell

Pitch Presentations

In computing, Year 6 are working hard in small groups to design a mobile phone app that solves a real world problem.


In the first week of next half-term they will present a pitch of their app to a panel, Dragon's Den style.


It would be great to have a few parents/carers on the panel to create the right atmosphere, if you are able to come into class on
Wednesday 4th November from 2:00pm please let me know.  


Kind regards,


Miss O'Dell


Children have used the Apps for Good website for inspiration.


Hello Parents/Carers/Children,


As we approach the end of September, Amethyst class are getting deeper into their topic work, they are asking: "How has electricity changed our lives?". We have watched part of 'Living on One Dollar' an American 2013 documentary that explores life in a remote village in Guatemala, where people live without electricity (the video link is below). Children have also made a timeline of historical people and events in the discovery and development of electricity. We must not forget the hard work in Science lessons, we are investigating and buidling electrical circuits this week!  

Children in Year 6 have also been producing tile murals in R.E to depict the wonder of the Christian creation story as they explore creation stories across different religions and prepare for our Harvest Festival. I am hoping to upload photos onto this page for you all to see.


In Maths, we have now begun Unit 2: Investigating Number Systems, which sees us exploring Roman Numerals and decimals this week. In English, we have been reading Frankenstein - a graphic novel and identifying the main themes, characters and settings in the story; children have also been producing role-plays of different scenes in the story so far.


Last Friday, we celebrated European Languages Day in Maths and English by studying Spain. We took some photos of children producing posters of statistical information and facts about Spain. In Big Write, Year 6 wrote formal letters to a child in Spain and we hope to be able to partner with a Spanish school in order to have somewhere to send the letters! Some children brought in Spanish mementoes to share with the class, which was a real treat.


Finally, we have introduced four Literacy Skills lessons into the timetable (please see amended version below). This is to upskill children in key areas: handwriting, spelling/vocabulary, comprehension, punctuation and grammar on a regular basis.


We hope to share some photos of us working hard (or of our hard work) with you soon.


Please get in contact if you have any queries, concerns or good news.


Yours faithfully,


Miss O'Dell


Year 6 Class Timetable

Year 6 Class Timetable  1
Year 6 Class Timetable  2

Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers

A helpful video from 'Maths is Fun', we watched this in class during a maths lesson on prime numbers. Remember, a prime number can only be divided evenly by 1 or itself and it must be a whole number greater than 1.