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Autumn Term 1 Photos. Our first weeks together!

Welcome to our photo page.  

Scroll down to see what we have been up to during our

first half term in Year One.

Junk Modelling!


To end our Numeracy unit about 2d and 3d shapes we

have been making 3d models.

Once again we worked in pairs and had to listen to each other to be successful.  We decided in our pairs what we would like to make, then selected the 3d shapes we needed and set about making our models. 

Miss Barker was really pleased with the way we worked and co-operated with each other, listening to our friends' ideas and sharing resources.


At the end of the session we shared our models with the class,

we had to say which 3d shapes we had used and describe some

of their features.

Thank you to all of the parents for collecting the 'junk' over the weekend so we could make such great models.

Making Teddy Bear Shelters


As part of our Science work on 'Materials' and our topic about 'Toys' we designed and made shelters for teddy bears.  We worked in pairs to design our shelters, we had to decide which materials we would use and think about their properties, were they suitable for the purpose?

Is the material strong?  Will the material be waterproof?   


When making our shelters we needed to work carefully with our partners to be successful, we had to work as a team and listen to each other's ideas and suggestions.  We needed to help each other to hold parts of our shelters as we secured them together.

Making Teddy Bear Shelters 18.10.16

Monday Maths Madness!

On Mondays our Numeracy sessions takes the form of a carousel of activities.  This gives us the opportunity to work with lots of different friends and adults whilst playing games and investigating a variety of maths topic areas.  Many of the activities are practical which we love, sometimes we work together to play a game where we have to take turns and listen to each other, other times we work independently to revisit topics we are more familiar with.  This gives us the opportunity to remind ourselves of all our previous learning.

Picture 1

P.E 7.10.16


Making the most of the good weather with some more P.E outside.  Today we focused on throwing under arm with increased accuracy.  

After rehearing our skills we put these into practice with

some team games as well as working on our gross motor

skills and hand and eye coordination.

No pens Wednesday - 5.10.16


Today was no pens Wednesday.  In Numeracy we have just started our new topic, looking at 2D and 3D shapes.   We worked in teams of four to make a triangles, squares, rectangles and pentagons.

To be successful we had to work as a team, we needed to listen carefully to our friends and their ideas.  

As the lesson went on we got better and better at working together, take a look at our photos we had a great time.

No pens Wednesday - 5.10.2016

In Science our topic is Materials.  

Today we sorted different material, we talked about their properties and why they are used for particular jobs.


Can we have a paper roof on our houses?

Why is glass used for windows?

Can we use plastic to build a climbing frame?

Why are clothes made from fabric and not wood?

No Pens Wednesday - 5.10.2016 - Science Sorting Materials

This half term our topic is 'Toys'.  

We will be looking at how toys have changed over time and how toys change as we grow up.


In our first lesson we looked at a lot of different old toys.  Some of the toys belonged to our teacher...... so they were very old!

We really liked the linking monkeys and the old train set which belonged to Miss Barker's Dad.  We tried the 'cup and ball' game, this was quite difficult, we had to really concentrate.

We had a lot of fun with the toys and we looked after them because some of them were very delicate and precious to their owners.


During our first P.E lesson we worked hard to improve our ball skills.

Whilst holding a ball we had to move around the playground

in different ways.  We had to keep our eyes on the ball to make

sure we didn't drop it.

We also worked as a team using our aiming skills to roll balls at cones.  The first team to collect all of their cones were the winners.


So far this half term we have been working hard on our number formation, ordering numbers, counting in 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s as well as representing numbers with resources.

Languages Day - 26.9.2016


Today we celebrated European Day of Languages.  

In Year One we were learning about Poland.  

We were very lucky as Miki's Dad came into class to teach us some Polish.  We learned how to say; 'Good morning' 'Hello' 'Good bye' and some animal names.  We tried really hard to pronounce the words correctly. Miki was very helpful and made sure we were saying the words properly. 

Also, Miki's Mummy kindly made us some Polish dumplings called Pierogi and donuts.  They were absolutely delicious!  



During the day we also made vegetable soup.  We cut up all of the vegetables ourselves and Miss Barker was pleased because everyone went home with 10 fingers each!

In the afternoon we got to try our soup as well as the treats made by Miki's Mummy, what a great day we had!