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Autumn Term 2 Photos. Look at our hard work!

Lights, Camel, Action!


It is Christmas time which means Nativity!  After weeks of rehearsals we sang and danced our way to a marvellous Nativity which took the form of 'Strictly Nativity'.  Can you guess where the idea came from?


With our lovely friends in Year 2 taking the speaking parts of the judges, hosts, announcers and of course Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and angels we took on the roles of 'Funky Camels' and 'Disco Stars'.  We were very good and made our teachers really proud with our fabulous dance moves and great singing.

Strictly Nativity - Lights Camel Action!

Topic Work - On a Dark and Starry Night


Our topic work so far has included sorting nocturnal and day time animals, researching a nocturnal animal with a friend and creating an information poster.  This week we looked at colour mixing and making a colour lighter and darker using white or black paint.  

We painted backgrounds for our starting with the lightest

colour to the darkest colour.  We will use these to make night

time silhouette pictures.  

Light and Dark Painting

Owl Babies


This week we have started our new Literacy topic looking at stories.  

Our focus story is Owl Babies.  We read the story and then our teacher wrote a shorten version for us to learn using the

Talk for Writing Approach to Literacy.  

We followed the story and wrote our own story maps straight

into our books, we did a ready good job and our teacher was

really proud of all of us.  

Below are some pictures of us learning our story map using actions. 

Owl Babies

Advent Celebrations


In our R.E. lesson we have been thinking about the true meaning of Christmas.  We have talked about how Christmas is not just about Father Christmas, getting presents and decorations.  

We have been talking about how in the Christian calendar

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of baby Jesus and

how we have a gift from God.  

Today we thought about Advent.  Although we all knew about the advent calendars we have in the count down to Christmas we

were not sure why we celebrate Advent.  

Advent is celebrated in the four weeks before Christmas day.  

In some Christian households and most churches candles are lit, one in each of the four Sundays before Christmas day.  

In class we each made an Advent candle which we placed on our classroom windows.

Making Advent Candles

More Instructions

Over the last two weeks we have been looking at instruction texts.  

Today some of us made jam sandwiches.  We had to use our knowledge of instruction texts to predict what we would have to do.  We talked about what we thought would be in our 'You will need list' as well as which imperative verbs we might use to tell use what to do.


The best bit was eating our jam sandwiches which we shared with the rest of our class who were busy writing!  Tomorrow we will write our instructions during big write.

Children in Need

A Spot-tacular Day!


It was a busy day in Year One!

To support Children in Need we all came to school in our spotty clothes, some of us even wore our spotty onesies!

Whatever next, pyjamas in school!  

To rehearse our addition skills we completed an add and colour Pudsey Bear and in Literacy we followed instructions and wrote a 'You will need list' to decorate spotty biscuits.  We even got to do the decorating and created some yummy and colourful biscuits.

Literacy - Instructions

We have started learning our text map this week.  

It has been a little harder to remember than a story, but we have worked really hard.  The actions help us a lot to remind us the order of the instructions.

Learning our text map

Literacy - Instructions



We have started a new Literacy unit based around writing instructions.

But before we could even think about writing our own instructions we had to follow some instructions.

Today we made bird feeders...... all of us, at the same time!  

It was great fun!

Our teacher read our the instructions and we had to follow them.  

We worked with a friend to make holes in the bottom of a plastic cup, next we pushed wool through the hole and tied a knot.  After that we mixed lard (yuck!) and bird seed together in a bowl, it was really sticky and slimy!  Then we put the mixture into our cups.  

We will take our bird feeders home to hang in our gardens to help feed the birds during the winter.

On a Dark and Starry Night


As part of our new topic we have started to look at nocturnal animals.  First we had to sort some pictures of different animals by our own criteria.  This means that we had to decided how we sorted them.  Some groups sorted the animals using the criteria, 'Can fly, can not fly'.  Other groups used 'Has 4 legs, does not have 4 legs'.

We then sorted the animals by whether they were nocturnal or day time animals.  We were very good at sorting so we furthered our learning by discussing what adaptations these animals have to help them during the night time. 



Sorting Nocturnal Animals

More Fun with Funnybones!


Guess what?  We are all authors in Year One!

Because we have worked SO hard on our Funnybones stories everyone of us wrote our very own story.  We used 'The Pet Shop' story as a template, everyone added their own new animals to the stories.  

Our teacher was so happy with all of us because we all tried really hard to write independently during 'Big Write' time.  

We have all been trying really hard with our presentation too.  Below you can see the amazing progress which Gabi has made in just 8 weeks!  

More stories will be added soon!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Wednesday 2nd November 2016 Fireworks Fun!


Today we painted pictures of fireworks using some different techniques.  We used brushes to flick the paint onto the black paper we also used straws that we dipped into paint to make a firework shape.

We learned about Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot.  

Lots of us loved the part of the story when he was executed for

trying to blow up King James and the House of Parliament.


Firework Fun!

Literacy - Funnybones


To link with our overall topic we have been reading and watching lots of Funnybones stories.  We really like them, they are very funny and we already know the beginning to each story......

In a dark, dark town there was a dark, dark street......


Today, 3.11.2016,  we tried to write our own story maps

which would help us to be able to remember and retell a

Funnybones story called 'The Pet Shop'.

Here are our first attempts at writing a story map,

we think we did a really good job!