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Bradwell 2018

Bradwell Day 1


‘Today we arrived at Bradwell. We had lunch in the cafeteria and I had a ham and cheese roll. Then our instructor took us on a bike ride. She taught us how to ride safely whilst having fun.’



‘When we arrived at Bradwell, we had to put all of our belongings into our tents and made our beds ready for the evening. In the afternoon, my group (the Stingrays) started to get ready for raft building - it was so fun! We got to make our own rafts.’



After arriving and settling into our tents, we had lunch and began our afternoon activities. These were: raft building, Pico sailing and off-road biking. All children participated safely and with enthusiasm! The children also enjoyed some time in our games room and then refuelled with a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognese and chocolate cake. In the evening, we walked to the beach, taking in the glorious views while collecting shells.


We are looking forward to all of the fun we will have tomorrow!

Bradwell Day 1

Bradwell Day 2

‘Today we all woke up bright and early for another exciting day. We had a cooked breakfast and cereal. Then we set off to our activities. First we went raft building. We had a race but the other team won.

Next we had a delicious lunch. After that we went crabbing in a boat named ‘Jimbo’. When we arrived at Mersea, we caught 321 crabs!’



‘This morning, the first activity we did was archery. In archery we played a fun game to see who could score the most points. I won with 96 points.’



‘Today we did raft building. It was soooo fun! Firstly, we had to make the rafts. We had to do this by tying up logs and surf boards with different coloured rope. After we made it, we picked the raft up and carried it to a slope. We had a race. Sadly the opposition won but it was still really fun.’



Today has been a fantastic day! This morning, Gracie Trotman explained how she enjoyed camping in the tents as ‘it was an adventure’ and the children certainly have shown a real sense of adventure in their approach to all challenges they have faced today.


Folllwing raft building, sailing, archery and crabbing, the children enjoyed a very satisfying dinner of ham, egg and chips, followed by strawberry cheesecake. They then all participated in a quiz before settling ready for bed and tomorrow’s adventures.

Bradwell Day Three

‘Today we participated in the activities of off-road biking and high ropes. Our bike ride went across the sea wall and through a wartime air base. When we did the high ropes, we used the main equipment, the gladiator challenge and the leap of faith; on the leap of faith, I was so close to grabbing the triangle bar but unfortunately I missed. Tonight we are having a barbecue - it will be really enjoyable. I am very upset about coming home tomorrow. It has been amazing!’



‘The 3rd day of Bradwell has been amazing and full of fun. Today I did off-road biking and high ropes. On the high ropes, I did the leap of faith and I successfully did it!’



‘Today we woke up late, unlike yesterday and got ready. Our first activity was sailing; it was very sunny. After that, we did crabbing and we caught 353 crabs! When we were on our way home from crabbing, we all got very wet because the sea was quite rough!’




We were greeted this morning with beautiful sunshine and a hearty breakfast of croissants, pain au chocolat and bacon baguettes! After breakfast, we all prepared for our activities of off-road biking, sailing, crabbing, archery and high ropes. Following a busy and action-packed day, we were treated to a tasty barbecue and toasted marshmallows around a campfire. 

Bradwell Day Three

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