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Spring Term 1 Photos. What have we been doing lately?

Science Investigation

During our Science lessons we have been looking at the human body.  

This week we made predictions using our senses. 

We were only allowed to use one sense to make our predictions.

 We could not use our sense of sight or taste at all.  One of the tasks was to identify sounds using only or sense of hearing, another was to use our sense of smell to indentify mystery smells and finally using only our sense of touch to identify objects in a covered bowl.  

This was by far the most enjoyable..... well for most of us any way!

Putting your hand into the unknown was a little scary, especially when your friends squeal as their hand touches whatever was under the cover.  One was cold jelly!!! 

Dinosaur Eggs

One of our friends made our teacher a lovely dinosaur egg card last week.  It was so great we all wanted to make one! Our teacher decided that a fun way to decorate the egg would be to do some 'marbling' but not the traditional type of marbling.  We dipped marbles into different coloured paints and rolled them in a tray all over our card egg shapes.  This meant that all our designs were unique! The results were great! 

Measuring Weight

This week we have been looking at measuring weight.  First we talked about all the different language associated with this area of Numeracy.  Then we used balance scales to identify the lightest and heaviest of two or more objects.  This was quite tricky as many of us had never used balance scales before.  Next we used the scales again to measure the weight of objects using non-standard measures, namely multi-link cubs.  We had to count the objects carefully into the scales to make sure our measures were accurate.  Finally we looked and weighing using standard measures, kg and g.  We first used our hands to investigate how heavy and light various weights were.... one kg is heavier than you think! 

More Measuring Fun! 

Today we've been measuring using a ruler.  There were so many things we needed to remember....make sure the ruler starts on the object at 0...... hold the ruler straight and still..... and carefully read the scale. 

We worked in pairs to measure dinosaur footprints, well what else would we measure?  Unfortunately the rainy weather kept us indoors, luckily it didn't damped our fun and we worked hard developing new skills. 

Team Games 

Working together with our friends gives us the opportunity

to work on our speaking and listening skills as well as learning

that it is ok not to win all the time!   We cheer each other on and support  our friends to do their best. 

Measuring Madness! 

We're embarking on a new Numeracy topic which focuses on measuring length, weight and capacity.  Over the next few weeks we'll be putting our knowledge of the language relating to the topic to the test as we investigate this new area.  Today we focused on length and height whilst measuring with non-standard measures, namely multi-link cubes.  These activities gave us the opportunity to revisit our skills relating to estimating as well as one to one counting of objects. 

Our Body and Our Senses

In Science we are learning all about our bodies. This week we were thinking about the five senses of our bodies.  As we have been thinking about adjectives in a literacy and using our senses to help us, we all worked really confidently to identify our senses and which parts of our bodies we use for these senses.  

Today it was popcorn to stimulate our senses.  We looked at popcorn, listening to popcorn, smelled popcorn..... mmmmmm.......touched popcorn and finally....... tasted popcorn!  

Pizza Fractions!

To conclude our learning about fractions we made Fraction pizza.  We have to follow instructions to share the topping equally to create our pizzas.  This showed our teacher what we had learned about halving shapes and numbers as well as how to divide shapes and amount into quarters. 

Team Spirit! 

Our aiming, throwing and catching skills are becoming so good we've been able to play some great games as a team.  There's  nothing like competition to keep us focused.  If we listen carefully to the instructions and encourage our team mates we're on the road to success! 

Non-chronological Reports

 We have started looking at non-chronological reports.  We are learning a report about triceratops.  We have drawn our text map and now we are putting together the actions.  This all helps us to remember the report off by heart.  Once we know it we will begin to change it and write our own about the dinosaur of our choice. 

More Fraction Fun!

We have been looking at finding half of an amount.  This is a little more tricky than halving a shape, however using cubes and hoops helped us a lot. Also if we thought of it as sweets it seemed to help us to understand even better. We had to remember that to halve an amount each person must have the same number of sweets. 


Today we worked in pairs to collect information about our favourite dinosaurs.  First we had to decided which dinosaur we wanted to investigate. Our teacher showed us how to use books to find out more information about dinosaurs and how to record it so we can use it later to make information posters. 

Becoming Teachers!

Today we tried something new.  We became teachers!  

We have been writing our own Dinosaur Hunt stories and today we helped each other to edit and improve our work.  Sometimes we get so excited about writing our super stories we forget our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.  So we each read our stories to our friend, next we worked together to edit our work with purple polishing pens.  It was great to help each other to become better at writing.

More fun with fractions 

We have been working hard on Fractions this week, looking at half of shapes and amounts.  Today some of us used paints to carefully paint half of an apple two colours and then print on to large paper.  We could see that each side was the same.   We had to paint with a small paint brush to make sure we made each side equal. 

P. E. - Ball Skills

We have been continuing our work on ball skills this week.  Our focus was throwing and catching and keeping our eyes on the ball.  We also played a game to increase our aiming skills. 

We're Dinosaur Hunting Again

Rehearsing our dinosaur hunt story.  This helps us to remember the repetitive sequence which we will use to write our own stories.  

Today we began to plan our stories, what elements would we encounter on our dinosaur hunt? Tornadoes, snow storms, lava rain.....someone thought h smell socks....well you never know! 

Fun with Fractions

This week we have started a new Numeracy topic, Fractions.  We will be looking at Fractions of shapes as well as of amounts.  We will learn about how some Fractions are the same as each other as well as comparing fractions.  Today we started by looking at halving shapes.  So of us did this practically using playdough shapes and some of us used our scissor skills to cut shapes and fold them to find half. 

Enjoying Our Topic

We are all really enjoying our dinosaur topic.  So far we have talked about  what we already know about dinosaurs and this week we all made a small dinosaur information booklet about some familiar dinosaurs.

During free choice we were excited to open a new tub of dinosaurs which were kindly bought for us by our Head Of School. 

What will we be doing next week? 

Keeping Healthy

Today, 13.1.17, we had a visit from a school nurse called Sally. She gave us lots of advice about how to keep outrage teeth clean and healthy.  We talked about how often and for how long we should brush our teeth as well as which types of toothbrush and toothpaste we should use. 

Sally told us that water is the best drink for us as it won't hurt our teeth at all, in fact it is really good for us. 

Picture 1

Thursday 12th January - Using Adjectives.

We're Going on a Dinosaur Hunt.


Today we were using our senses to generate adjectives.  

First we reminded ourselves..... What is an adjective?  Lots of us remembered that these were describing words.  

We use adjectives to describe nouns.  

What are our senses?  Did we know?

We have 5 senses, touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.  

We used all of our senses, except taste, to describe different things we could encounter on a dinosaur hunt!  

We generated adjectives to describe ice, sand, stones and mud.  Working in groups we discussed and wrote down as many

adjectives as we could to describe.

We will use these adjectives when writing our own

dinosaur hunt stories next week in 'Big Write'.

P.E.  11.1.2017

Today we have been throwing, catching, aiming and rolling

lots of different equipment.  

We had both tennis and medium sized balls, quoits and little beanbags.  

We're Going on a Dinosaur Hunt



Today we went on dinosaur hunt! We have be learning the story We're Going on a Dinosaur Hunt.  Just like the well known story  We're going in a Bear Hunt our story follows the characters as they battle various elements such as long grass, burning lava, slippery quick sand and of course a dark cave on their journey to find a dinosaur. 

We pulled on our wellies and zipped up our coats to venture out to the field and you never guess what.......

we only went and found a dinosaur hiding in the bushes! 

We had a great time! 

Show me what you know! 

We have started our new Science topic, Animals Including Humans.

Today we worked with our friends to show our teacher what we already know about the human body.  We drew around one person in our group and then labelled as many parts of the body we knew.  Some of us knew some of the names of our bones and organs too. 

Money Maddness!

To begin ing the new term we are continuing with our Numeracy topic related to money.  Some of us have been revising the coin names and making small amounts.

Picture 1

The dinosaurs have landed........

We're really excited about our new topic about dinosaurs.  

During free choice time some of us chose to make dinosaur

puppets and perform dinosaur stories to our friends. 

Picture 1