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Spring Term 2 Photos. More fantastic learning!

Kagan Learning

Kagan learning, or Kagan structure is an approach to lessons and learning which enables and encourages a high percentage of pupils to be actively engaged in the lesson at anyone given time.  There are many different 'games' which can be used to encourage collaborative learning. We recently  started using 'Rally Robin' to rehearse our text maps.  During this time we work in pairs to retell our text map. We each take a turn to retell a small part of the map and then our friend takes over and continues.  We have to actively listen to our partner and speak clearly when it is our turn.  


This week we used a a new technique called 'Mix Pair Share'.  

This is a little bit like musical statues, but with a twist! 

First we needed our white boards and pens, next to selected a topic, which was imperative verbs.  We used this as we has been looking at instructions.  We were given a minute to write down a few imperative verbs, next our teacher played some music, we like 'I Like To Move It, Move It'.  When she stopped the music we had to find a partner and swap imperative verbs.  From this we could build up a bank of words which we could use in our writing.  We also learned about adverbs today to improve our writing further. Our teacher was super pleased with the outcome as well as our behaviour and concentration. We then wrote instructions using the imperative verbs we collected, we learned so much from our friends, it's all about collaboration and growing your brain! 

Goodbye to Dinosaurs 

Today we invited all of our parents into our class to see what we've been up to over the last term.  We've enjoyed our topic so much and have learned a lot.  We decided to have an open afternoon so that we could share our dinosaur song and news show. 

It was a lovely sunny afternoon so we sat outside to share our books. 

Thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came! 

Red Nose Day

Today we have been supporting Red Nose Day. We had a cake competition to bake Red Nose Day themed cakes. Unfortunately our teacher was forced to try everyone's cakes to see which one tasted the best..... she didn't seem too sad about cake tasting! 

It was a tough job, there were some fabulous cakes, all beautifully decorated and very tasty! The winner was George-James who made some very yummy chocolate crispy cakes decorated with red sweeties to make a face!  Well done George-James! 

Revisiting 2d and 3d Shapes

This week we have been revising the topic of 2d shapes.  We have been reminding ourselves of the shape names and their features.

Why is a rectangle and rectangle and not a square?

How many vertices and edges does a circle have?

Do all triangles look the same?


Today we sorted shapes by their features using a Venn diagram.

Continuing the Easter Story.

Today we continued with our work on the Easter Story.  First we reminded ourselves of the main parts of the story.  Next we discussed how the story made us feel.  We agreed that in the beginning of the story we felt happy, as did the people in the story as they rejoiced when Jesus rode into Jerusalem.  However the theme of the story changed when Jesus was arrested a was sentenced to death by crucifixion.  This made us feel unhappy as Jesus died and his friends were upset.  However this again changed when Jesus rose from the dead to come back and reassure his friends that he was happy and that he would see them again in heaven. 

Next we discussed how that in Art we can use colours to show feelings and mood.  We thought about which colours we considered happy and which we felt were sad and why.

We had great ideas.....

Black is a sad colour because it s dark and gloomy.

Red could represent the blood of Jesus so this would be a sad colour.

Brown is a sad colour as the wooden cross on which Jesus was crucified. Blue could be a sad colour as it represents the tears shed by the family and friends of Jesus.


Yellow is a happy colour as the sun is yellow and when it

shines we feel happy.

Pink is a happy colour as it represents nice blossom on trees

and new life of Spring plants.

Green is a happy colour as it is like new grass growing in Spring.  


Our teacher loved our ideas and was proud of us as we could give reasons for our choices.


We used these ideas to create some wonderful art work using the symbol of the cross.  We chose either happy or sad colours to represent our feelings.

Following Instructions

In Literacy this week we will be looking at instructions texts.  We are linking this to the traditional tale, Little Red Riding Hood.  Today we read the story and discussed how Little Red Riding Hood took a basket of food for her Grandma.  We thought about making a sandwich as a snack and followed a set of instructions to make a jam sandwich.  As we made our sandwich we discussed the different features of an instruction text.  Over the next two weeks we will make our own instructions, but this time we will be making a sandwich for the wolf....... but not a nice sandwich!

The Easter Story

As part of our new R.E. focus entitled Salvation, we have been learning about The Easter Story.  

We have read and discussed the story together, ordered the main event and today we acted out the story.  We all took on a role, some of us were extremely excited about the prospect of being Jesus.  We talked about how the story changes from a happy one in the beginning, when Jesus arrives in Jerusalem to a sad story when Jesus is crucified on the cross.  It was with this in mind that we decided that by the end of the story the theme once again becomes happy when Jesus returns to Earth one last time. 

Our teacher was really pleased with our ideas regarding the story theme and how we are understanding that Easter is an important time in the Christian calendar. 

Spring Time

As part of our new R.E. focus we have been thinking about Spring time and the links this has with The Easter Story.  We took advantage of the beautiful Spring time weather and went for a walk around the school grounds.  Whilst on our walk we looked for signs of Spring, of which we found many.  We found beautiful daffodils in many places, many were fully open due to the recent warm weather. Also we noticed the new buds on the trees.  Some were closed tightly and green, not yet ready to burst open and show their colours.  Some however had already opened sharing their pink shades.  Due to the warm weather we also realised we did not need our coats!  During our free choice time some of us have been using water colours to paint daffodils and Spring time images. 

Dinosaur Dioramas 

Look at our wonderful homework! 

Our recent homework project was to make a dinosaur diorama.  We've been doing lots of work at school around the topic and we just wanted to keep our learning going. Our Mums and Dads helped us out, perhaps some enjoyed it more than we did! What do you think? 

Delicious Division! 

We have been working super hard recently on our division skills.

 After focusing on diving by 2, 5 and 10 we used our knowledge

to solve a treasure hunt.  Working in pairs we solved 26 division

number sentences, once we solved a question we had to hunt the garden for our hidden numbers. With the numbers was a letter which

we used to solve a secret phrase. 

Dinosaur Crafts

We have started three different dinosaur themed crafts.

The first is a dinosaur moving picture.  Each of us will make

a moving picture with sliders, pop ups and spinners as well as

decorating a themed background.  

The next is a dinosaur egg made from mod-rock.  

We are using water balloons as our mounds.  We have to do lots of layers to make sure our eggs are strong.  

When they are dry we will decorate them.  

The final craft is a clay dinosaur model.  These are quite tricky to make as we need to carefully mould the dinosaur from a single piece of clay.

 Once the clay has dried out we will paint them. 

World Book Day

This year our school theme was Monsters! 

We think we look scary! Our teacher said we all looked cute! 

Picture 1

Rocking 'n' Rolling 

We have started some new learning in our P.E. lessons, focusing on gymnastics.  To begin our first lesson we warmed up our

bodies to a new routine.  It is important to warm up our muscles before starting our main activity.  

Today we worked on our rocking and rolling skills.  These tasks strengthen our muscles to allow our bodies to become more flexible.  We tried rocking from a seated position on to our backs and back to a seated position.  Once we had mastered this we tried using this skill to help us to stand up without using our hands.  

Doubles, doubles and more doubles! 

We have been looking at doubling this week.  We've used many different resources to help us to understand doubling.  

First we used painted spots on one side of a piece of paper

which we folded to show double the amount.

 Next we used mirrors to help us show two sets of an amount.

Finally we used cubes and two hoops to show our doubles.


In our next lesson we moved on to use numicon to work out doubles to 10. Some of us used pictorial representations to find doubles to 20 and some of us used our mental arithmetic skills to recall our doubles.  





Welcome to our Spring Term 2 Adventures


This half term we will continue with our topic of dinosaurs which we will

be linking with traditional tales.  In addition to this we will be putting together our very own news show. On our first day back after the half term break we discovered that after break our classroom was invaded by a dinosaur.  See our pictures to see what happened...... it was very exciting! 


In Numeracy we will be learning about multiplication and division as well as returning to embed our knowledge relating to number recognition as well as addition and subtraction.  


As our topic continues we will be working on elements which will form parts of our forthcoming dinosaur museum.  We hope to invite parents to our class to learn all about dinosaurs. We will also perform a dinosaur song that we have be learning as well as sharing our news report about our dinosaur visitor. 

We will be making clay dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs and moving dinosaur pictures. 

Dinosaur Invasion!