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Summer Term Two Photos. It's a busy last term


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Our Fantastic Day at Dovercourt Beach

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How to Make Fruit Kebabs

For the next few weeks we will be focusing on writing instruction texts. Today we made fruit kebabs using; pineapple, banana, strawberries and apples. We all had a turn to chop , cut and slice the fruit. Then we each made a fruit kebabs and then...... we ate it! So yummy!!! 

Grow Your Own! 

Wow! Look at our courgettes and peas! 

After 67 days of looking after our plants we have our first harvest and what great produce we have grown! We've taken home courgettes and peas and our sunflowers 🌻 are growing taller by the day! 

Money, money, money, money......... MONEY!!!!! 


Today we have been looking at money.  We have worked on this topic before so we were revisiting this topic to ensure we still have all our skills and learn some more. We were really good at naming coins and making amounts.  Some of us worked on making amounts to pound but some of us were working on making amounts up to £10!! 


What can you do in a minute? 

How many times can you write you name in a minute?

How many times can you hop or jump in a minute?

How many times can you throw and catch a bean bag with a friend? 

Ask a Pirate a Question

As part of our Literacy work we have been learning about using different punctuation, today it was question marks. So we decided to ask pirates a question.

What would you ask a pirate if you met one?

We had great ideas! 

Where do you live? 

What do you eat for dinner? 

Do you have a parrot? If you do does it copy what you say? 


Our plants are growing nicely.

We're looking after them really well so we have courgettes with lots of flowers and some small courgettes growing.

Our peas are fattening up and are almost ready to pick

and our sunflowers 🌻 look ready to open up any day now! 

Noah's Ark

It was our teacher's turn to do whole school assembly this week so we helped her out! We retold the story of Noah's Ark all taking on a role and share this bible story with the rest of the school. 


We have been working on our place value skills today to show 2 digit numbers using resources. We used sticks of 10 to count out the right number of 10s and  then added the little ones. 

Science - Plants and Growing

As part of our Science work we have been searching for and naming

wild flowers.  We had a tally sheet to count how many of each

flower we could find. Dandelions were few and far between as were buttercups, and the dog rose was non existent! However daisies and clover were a different story! Our entire field is covered in clover at the moment so counting them was quite tricky!

Pirate Diaries

In Literacy we have been learning a pirate dairy and as always we learn this using a text map and actions.  We're really enjoying this topic and we hope our teacher keeps it going for the rest of the term!

Number bonds to 10! 

Weve been working on our number bonds to ten this week.  Once we know these really well we can use this knowledge with bigger numbers and to support our understanding of number as a whole. 

Mad Hair Day

So..... it was mad Hair day today in aid of our school fete!

We of course all looked amazing, thank you to our parents for supporting the school! 

Addition and Subtraction Skills

Today we have been using what we know about addition to link this to number families.  If we know one addition, for example 5+2=7 we know another addition and two subtraction, all using the same numbers.