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United Kingdom

Look at the clips and links below to help you with our topic this half term

An introduction to Britain

http://www.falibo.com Another Great video to use in an ESL classroom. It gives a unique insight into British life and culture. It contains subtitles and is easy to understand for intermediate students. It goes together with worksheets and it's easy to use for any language teacher.

What Is The Difference Between England, The UK And Britain? ¦ British Geography Explained

Something that seems to be a pet peeve of people living in the UK is people getting the terminology wrong. In this video I'll explain the different names for different parts of the UK, and why you probably shouldn't say that you love it here in England while you're in a pub in Pembrokeshire.

Locate and name major rivers in the UK.

Euro geography 1.5. Learn it in a minute! A learning video to support children's understanding of objectives taken from the new Geography National Curriculum (Geography knowledge). I can name and name major rivers (and lakes) in the UK.

Billy Blue Hair - Where do Mountains Come From?

Billy Blue Hair will say your child's name in this video - visit our website to try it. Billy Blue Hair is your guide and educator as kids learn how mountains are formed through plate tectonics. Ages 3 and up.