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Year 3

Spring Term 2019


Welcome to Emerald Class, Year 3.


The children are excited about our new topic, Chocolate. This topic will be weaved through the curriculum subjects as we progress through the term.


Please do speak to me should you have any questions or need further information.

Miss Myers

Spring Term 2019 - Curriculum Overview


Our topic for Spring term is Chocolate. Year 3 will be exploring chocolate production, fair trade, the history of chocolate and ancient beliefs. Children will look at the culture and beliefs of the ancient Mayans and compare these to those of the ancient Egyptians. 


Our science focus is rocks and soils. Children are encouraged to bring any stones or small rocks to class which they find of interest. Children will compare and group different kinds of rocks on the basis of their appearance and physical properties. Children will describe how fossils are formed and that living things are trapped within the rock.


Our religious education focus is Incarnation - Trinity. Children will consider the symbolism of water and baptism. Our focus will also look at symbols, gospels, the Grace and the Trinity. 


English writing and reading skills will continue to be developed through our topic subjects.  Writing skills are focused on developing a good sentence, using the correct punctuation.  We shall continue to improve and consolidate skills using expanded noun phrases, frontal adverbials and conjunctions to give sentences that extra wow factor.  Children are encouraged to use joined up handwriting, following the Letter Join font.


Reading skills will be developed as a whole class approach, in which the class share a book, with different  levels of follow up activities suited to the learner's abilities, whilst pushing them further in their development as a young reader.


Our mathematics focus this spring is reasoning with measures, equivalence, number problems, reasoning with fractions and investigating statistics. 


Homework will continue to focus on basic skills. These are the times tables for multiples of 3, 4 and 8 and inverses. Spellings will draw on the Year 3 statutory spellings list.





Spellings Year 3